Medical Doctor Is A Matter Of Life And Death Essay

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It is no secret that the job of a medical doctor is among one of the most challenging. Every decision a physician makes has the potential to, quite literally, be a matter of life and death. Despite this relatively common knowledge, the true extent to which these challenges can affect physicians remains widely unrecognized. As the field of medicine rapidly evolves in an effort to improve the health and lives of patients, physicians are subjected to more stressful and exacting work environments, often with little to no support. Thus, due to the difficult demands of modern medicine, a large portion of physicians now suffer from chronic stress, that if not properly addressed can lead to a poor quality of patient-care, the development of mental illness, and above-average suicide rates.
An abundance of stress in any career can lead to an underperformance of workers. But with the lives of patients in their hands, the underperformance of medical doctors can reap much more severe consequences than that of individuals in many other professions. In their article “The Impact of Stress and Burnout on Physician Satisfaction and Behavior”, physicians and researchers Dr. Alan H. Rosenstein and Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley explain that “…practice dissatisfaction, work life stress, burnout, and fatigue [have been linked] with behaviors that are known to adversely affect staff that can seriously compromise patent safety and quality of care, [and] increase the occurrence of adverse events and/or…

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