Against Doctor Assisted Suicide Essay

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Side B Non-supporters believe that doctor-assisted suicide shouldn’t be legal because it can increase the death rate of people choosing to die this way. People choosing being against assisted suicide believe that there can be a chance for the patients to be cured from their diseases. There is research of how assisted suicide can affect other people who agree with it and how religion can help those who believe to keep fighting from their health issues. Recently, Gov. Jerry Brown from California signed a bill to legalize doctor- assisted suicide. In Aaron Kheriaty’s article, “Assisted-Suicide Laws’ Contagious Effect,” he explains how passing the bill is affecting people deciding to end their lives. He states that, “consider what social scientists call the Werther effect - the fact that publicized cases of suicide can produce clusters of copycat cases, often disproportionately affecting young people, who frequently use the same method as the original case” (Kheriaty). He …show more content…
Those certain hospitals should have the right to provide assisted suicide to patients who can pass the certain requirements mentioned earlier by “State-by-State Guide to Physician-Assisted Suicide.” I believe that it should be passed because when the person chooses to end their life, their family won’t have financial issues and the hospitals won’t spend that much money. The patient’s family and friends can accept their loved one’s decision and won’t feel melancholy when the doctor tries to save their lives. The person choosing whether to end their life early can help them relieve themselves from feeling any more pain they’re causing to themselves and to people around them trying to keep them alive. Although it will be painful to let go of someone you love, it’s sometimes the rights decision to let go of them so they can rest

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