Medical Conditions Could Affect Dental Management Essay

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Additionally, I will do a review of systems to elucidate more information regarding his medical history since numerous medical conditions could affect dental management (Wilson, Kornman, Steffensen, & Sottosanti, 2003). Furthermore, because diabetes affects multiple organ systems, it is important to determine if complications have set in. Complications of diabetes include premature vascular disease such accelerated onset of non-specific atherosclerosis or serious microangiopathy affecting the ocular and nephrotic vessels (Little et al., 2013). For example, I will ask if he also has a heart condition as some cardiac problems would necessitate antibiotic cover to reduce the risk of infective endocarditis (Clerehugh et al., 2010).
I would ask what a typical day is for him at school and at home to determine how his lifestyle and T1DM affects his oral health. This information will be used to tailor healthcare messages to enable him to incorporate oral hygiene into his daily routine. Ben currently resides with his mother during the weekdays and his father on the weekends as his parents separated two years previously. This coincides with the loss of stability of his glycaemic control and may also explain why he stopped going to an oral health professional regularly. Emotional instability and irregular dental attendance are risk factors for increased periodontal disease (Pihlstrom, 2001). I will take this into consideration when obtaining informed consent for treatment and in…

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