Media's Effect On The Positive Effects Of Social Media

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Everybody must have already known social media. According on Wikipedia, social media are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Line, WhatsApp, Twitter are some example of social media applications. In this era, social media has become a common thing and plays a crucial role in society. People from all ages use social media. There are many things that we can get from using social media. Using social media certainly gives positive impacts for its users. Social media helps us to obtain information, express our feelings, and communicate with others.

On the other hand, social media also proves to have many negative effects. Social media gives negative impacts for our mental health. Seeing people show off their success, wealth or achievement on social media might cause envy among users. We start comparing ourselves and keep wondering why we can’t be successful like them. We keep blaming ourselves and it makes us feel worse and depressed. Another example that affect our mental health is cyberbullying.
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Social media has enabled people to be creative and innovative. People have the freedom to argue and give their ideas in social media. This will make people more open-minded and think outside the box. Many people create websites and applications that can provide knowledge and convenience for others, some people also create blog to share their story of life or educative topics. We can learn many new things and new insights from people around the world. Besides that, reading blogs can motivate us to change for the better. We become aware that nothing is impossible if we keep try and try. We also become more challanged to be succesful as

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