Media Essay

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Part One

Media in our society to day is mainly revolved around supply and demand. As a news director and knowing what will benefit the news television station and our ratings, given two stories, one about local city parks being closed down 3 days a week to save money or a major celebrities death. The story that I would chose to make the lead story would be “a major celebrities death”. Yes, both stories will be appealing to the audience and will have attention but one story is more appealing when it comes to ratings and what will benefit both the audience and the television station.

In today’s society and media today, supply and demand plays a big role on what the media shows and what stories television stations cover. Begin a
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Many of the stories that gain the main coverage has much to do what is going in on in our pop culture, meaning celebrities and their lives. This is proven in every form of media, you can flip through channels on television and many news stations and channels are talking about celebrities and what’s going on in Hollywood. This also applies to radio stations, Internet sights and the paper. This is all due to the fact the media has changed over the past years and centuries. Media and pop culture is what sells now days and what media is mostly based on today. News channels and the way media is delivered has a lot to do with what stories make the cut and which ones don’t. As a director at times rational decisions must be made to benefit the media and making sure that the people get what they want.

Part Two

Over the last years and centauries movies, electronics and video games have evolved as well as influence our culture and vise versa. They all play an important role in our pop culture and our society as today. Many of what we see in the big screen and what video games we play portrays our society and on how all three movies, electronics and video games have changed over the last years. The relationship between the three and our society has much to do with supply and demand and what the consumer wants as well as what would benefit the provider.

Movies and television have changed dramatically over the past centuries and years,

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