Media Violence Promotes Violent Behavior Essay

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Violent media is one of the biggest and most dangerous issues among children. Generally, violent media are defined as visual characters with intentions to harm others. After years of researching, psychologists, sociologists and doctors have proven that excessive exposure to media violence has been affecting children in many ways. In other words, children who have excessive exposure to media violence are more likely to be negatively affected in terms of mental illness, social issues and physical health. However, some people might not think that violent is dangerous to children because they do not completely understand how violent media can affect their kids. According to the article “media violence promotes violent behavior” by Popular Culture, 2005 Ed Donnersteirn, Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Professor of Communication at the University of Arizona argues that although media violence may not be the most contributor to violent behavior. He contends that if the violence is depicted in a glamorous, sanitized, or routine manner, as it frequently is on TV and in movies, it sends the message that violence is a desirable way to solve problems(Donnerstein). In other words, violent video and computer games amplify physiological arousal, aggression related thoughts and feelings and reduce pro social behavior. In a recent study, Edward Donnersteirn demonstrated that there is a positive correlation between violence viewed on television and aggressive…

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