Media Violence In America

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Media Violence is Worse in America
What makes media violence so horrible? Over the years, media has had a major impact in crime in the world. Media violence is the study of violence and aggression in a movie or television show. Why are people so attracted to the violence in movies and T.V.? “In the past the studies have shown that it isn’t necessarily violence that is the draw to these films but instead the belief that the movie will also contain thrills and suspense.”(Sarnoff- Ross) What attracts people to like watching movies and T.V. shows with a lot of violence? Movie and T.V viewers don’t really watch movies or shows for the violence. They watch it for the suspense and thrill within the movie or show. The suspense and thrill includes
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All the different types of films and shows, display different types of violence. Every year, a new film and shows are released so that the whole world to watch. Films and shows tend to be in the genre of romance, action, suspense, horror, and comedy. Britain has many violent films, such as: James Bonds, Shaun of the Dead, Harry Potter, 12 years a Slave, Doctor Who and Skins. But America has far more violent films and shows than in Britain, such as: The Walking Dead, Transformers, The Hunger Games, The Exorcist, and Dexter. Even though these films and shows have very high popularity, they all influence a high amount of violence to our society. In general, America has influenced more violence than the British media. In the 1980’s, a research done by Leonard Eron, said that “8 years olds, who viewed the most programs growing up were most likely to engage in aggressive and delinquent behavior by age 18 and serious criminal behavior by age 30.”( It means children that grow up watching media violence are influenced to actually do criminal activity. Another study, it said that “46% of all television violence took place in children’s cartoons.”(parentstv) That means that violence is influencing the youth more than adults and senior citizens. Media violence influences real- life violence in America more than Britain, because the media is influencing more of America’s …show more content…
They are both pretty much influenced the same way because they both have similar cultures, but most of the media is directed toward American people because that is where most popular films and T.V. show nowadays are made. Back then, Britain influence and showed America their amazing music. They showed us music groups, such as: The Beatles, Coldplay, Spice Girls, Snow Patrol, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, and Queen. But now, America is influencing Britain with all their new films and T.V shows they are creating. That is probably why there are more researches done about America than Britain. So if you are still wondering which place is worse with media violence, remember America has a bigger impact of its overall influence, it has a higher correlation of crime rates, and it has a higher increase of violent behavior of people. With all the statistics and facts shown, it clearly shows that America influences more real life violence than Britain. With all the terrible facts that are shown in this paper, American parents should be concerned about the violence their children could be

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