Media Perception Of Our Mind And The Way How Media Affects All Of Us

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It is a huge relevance in today’s world and surrounding how media affects all of us. Media cultivates the perception of our mind and the way how we view things because it is heavily congested with a biasness by one spectrum of perspective. The targeted community that is seen in the media are usually the vulnerable and diverse groups. This can come from a spectrum of different people such as different race, different religion, disable people, indigenous community and the LGBT community. A huge debate and sensitive topic has always been about the Muslims. Being a nature that Muslims are of another religion, its been depicted to be always seen as a ‘terrorist’ stereotype and the kind of news that is being fed in the media is always about the negative.

Identification With the expansion of technologies, people from every community gets to respond directly towards what is being fed in the media to general views. This has taken to be such a critical game changer in the media to not be as biased and to provide as much news that are supportively factual. Back in April, an incident of a racism rant happened. It was in a subway, a public transportation, in Sydney where a woman was making racist rant towards a Muslim couple. Another passenger in the train who saw what was going on, took the initiative to record the racist rant and stepped in when the woman started the verbal abuse towards to couple.

Hafeez Ahmed Bhatti and his wife Khalida made global headlines when…

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