Essay about Media Literacy : The Blockbuster Mentality

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Media Literacy Essay: Movies: “The Blockbuster Mentality” Media literacy is a process that attains an understanding of mass media and how they construct meaning. As the book mentions, Media literacy “follows a critical process that takes us through the steps of description, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, and engagement” (Campbell, Martin, and Fabos 31). Description is when we pay attention to the subject under study. In this step, we take notes and find as must research as possible. Analysis is when we discover and focus on patterns that emerge from the description stage. Interpretation is when we ask ourselves what all of this means. Evaluation is when we arrive at a judgment about whether something is good, bad or mediocre. Finally, engagement is when we take some action and adding our own voices to the process of shaping the cultural environment. In this essay, I will explore the patterns that the top 25 all-time highest-grossing movies in the United States have. The top 25 all-time highest-grossing movies in the United States is a combination of franchise movies, such as, Start Wars, The Avengers, The Dark Knight, etc., and some sequel movies which are also featured in the franchise category. In this list, there are also a number of animated movies and films like Titanic and The Passion of Christ which doesn 't categorize as a sequel or franchise. Looking through this list over and over again, it’s very noticeable the pattern that most of this movies…

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