Media Influences The Minds Of People Today By Spreading Awareness Regarding Autism

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One in five kids are born with some form of autism. There are many different types of autism. Some are mild forms such as Attention Deficit Disorder known as A.D.D, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder commonly known as A.D.H.D, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder or P.D.D. Every type of autism has its unique way of effecting children. The two most common forms, which are well known throughout the world, are A.D.D and A.D.H.D. Most people do not know that they have autism. This is understandable, considering the media influences the minds of people today by spreading awareness regarding autism, however the watchers typically do not know what autism actually is. A.D.D. is manifested when children and young adults have trouble paying attention and can get distracted easily. A.D.H.D. is evidenced by children who are very hyper and cannot keep still for long periods of time. P.D.D. is shown when children have trouble learning social skills and lack communication abilities. Attention Deficit Disorder is a very common disorder. It makes it harder for people to pay attention, and it is easier for them to get distracted. For instance, they could be working on a paper and someone sneezes in the room. Then, would start thinking about the sneeze, and that would lead into daydreaming for a long period of time. The person may not even realize that they are not focused. Therefore, A.D.D. makes it harder for children to retain the information being taught in school. A.D.D. comes from…

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