Media Has An Unrealistic Body Image On Society Essay examples

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Media has idealized an unrealistic beauty nearly impossible for anybody to have. The iconic super model image has evolved into a look that makes normal looking people self-conscious of their looks, body, and eating habits. This super model look needs to be replaced with a more realistic appearance. The model industry imposes an unrealistic body image on society. For example, model Cindy Jackson was inspired to become a human Barbie, “I looked at a Barbie when I was 6 and said, 'This is what I want to look like ' “(cite). There are many situations where the "Perfect" super model look has made young girls feel as if that is the only way they should look. Cindy Jackson was inspired to chase the Barbie look at the age of 6. Media has made it very easy for young children and adults to think there’s only one kind of beauty. This image sets a mentality that makes many want to become physically perfect when in reality this is unrealistic. In addition aspiring to look like a super model can be damaging to one’s health, “Barbie is so exceptionally thin that her weight and body proportions are not only unattainable but also unhealthy" (cite). If a person was to try to attain Barbie’s looks they would be damaging their

health, Barbie’s proportions are not natural for a human to have. Furthermore, young girls develop the want for unrealistic body image early in life, “The desire for thinness emerges in girls around the age of 6" (cite). The "perfect" look is being taught to young…

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