Media Influence On Young Women Essay

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Title Media is everywhere, we watch it to stay entertained and even read it in magazines to keep up with the latest gossip. Whether we realize it or not, the media influences our lives. Who is the media aiming toward more? Young women are prime victims to media due to their lack of experience and because their minds are still growing, young women are persuaded much easier. However what is the influence the media is having on these young girls? media displays the perfect women in their heads, influencing their preference on body type as well as providing them with poor choices for role models. Through time the media has changed the standard for what the “perfect” woman looks like. Todays choice for beauty is to be thin. Thin women are displayed for advertisement and are the very celebrities which many …show more content…
At a young age, girls have images of thin women pushed down their throats, making them believe they should appear this way, rather than teaching young women to love and accept the skin they are in. Not only does the media altered young womans view on beauty but has also began to influence their view on intelligence. Instead of promoting intelligence the media has began to portray and target a younger audience as slow and as a scatterbrain. Unfortunately for young women, they may find encountering positive role models difficult if they turn to and examine they see everyday on television. Finding a women who encourages self love and independence, has become more difficult to find in the past couple of years. For the future we may only hope the media can begin to encourage young women to accept themselves in their bodies and that the media may began promoting independent, intelligent women who make an impact on the lives of others rather than award women off their

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