Media And The Medi An Objective And Truthful Representation Of Reality

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The media constructs views of the real world for society to interpret and understand. Although, the media just doesn’t present us with a reality; they represent it. News media presents aspects of the world in a certain way, some of which are not always truthful. These constructions serve a purpose. News Media presents us with different versions of reality, which can hold truth but also serve a certain objective. This essay will debate to what extant does the news media present an objective and truthful representation of reality. This will be illustrated through the representation of society in the news media, Herman & Chomsky’s Propaganda Model, the notion of which the news media as a mirror, realism, and constructivism. Hallin’s Spheres of Legitimate Controversy and the CNN effect will also argue whether the coverage of politics and conflicts can also be objective.
News media illustrates our society from a particular ideological perspective; portraying a certain representation of events, topical issues, and social groups. The representation that the news media creates of certain groups can have a fundamental effect on society, having the ability to influence cultural, political, and global relations. These representations can be used to separate and establish boundaries between the individual and wider society; by objectifying and disconnecting certain societal groups from others. This is evident in New Zealand news media, which shows a distinctive pattern in the…

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