Media And Public Policy : An Analysis On The Information Dissemination Of National Policy

1909 Words Aug 27th, 2016 8 Pages
An Analysis on the information dissemination of national policy by mainstream media
S. Sree Govind Baratwaj R.Venkatesh Aravindh
1. Research Scholar, Dept of Journalism & Mass Communication, Periyar University,Salem, TN, India - 636 011 contact: / 9790339949
2. Research Scholar, Dept of Journalism & Mass Communication, Periyar University,Salem TN, India- 636 011. contact: / 9445759491

Government of India has lead various national schemes for uplifting the livelihood of all people. One major concern for a developing country like India is creating suitable employment opportunities and training for skill development to all citizens. ‘Make in India’ is an initiative of the government to encourage multinational, as well as domestic, companies to manufacture their products in India, the major objective behind it is to focus on job creation and skill enhancement in twenty-five sectors of the economy. In order to fulfill this national initiative, it is important for all employable citizens of the country to understand how the scheme works and how the know-how to be industry ready while implementing the scheme. This knowledge transfer could be achieved only when the government takes all initiatives to spread the awareness to the employable citizens. This paper takes a qualitative content approach to investigate how government has used the regional newspapers of Tamil Nadu to transfer the…

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