Measuring Leadership And Management Case Study

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Competences for measuring leadership and management performance:
Measuring leadership and management performance is just like a precursor to leadership and management development (Gold, Thorpe and Mumford, 2010). Leadership and management can be developed more effectively and successfully after comprehensive analysis and measures of leadership and management performance. Leadership and management performance refers to achievements and effect which is from leadership and management activities, and it is an integration of ability, quality, decision-making and other aspects of leadership and management. An excellent leadership and management should integrate these part below: manage and lead people, manage relationship, activities, quality,
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Leadership and management competences are important to access leaders and managers ' abilities and performance. Moreover, project management which achieve project goals successfully always depends on effective leadership and management competences (Nixon, Harrington and Parker, 2012). Furthermore, the standards of leadership and management competences are also different. People can assess leadership and management competences through goals, behaviours, human resource, customers and so on. People can set competence model to analyse leadership and management performance. According to the model, the attributes of leadership and management performance can be clear to be described. According the analysis of leadership and management competences, leaders and managers can find the disadvantages or shortages in management process, and then develop leadership and management to be better and more effective in future; besides, the analysis also can help an organisation to choose the most suitable leaders and managers to promote the development of the …show more content…
Human capital has become the key factors of organisational performance, In the organisation operation, the knowledge and skills of employees increase productivity for the organisation. Moreover, determinants of organisational performance should be multifaceted. It is not only affected by external factors such as competition, the organisational structure, but also influenced by the degree of the efforts of the organisational human capital owners and the size of human capital

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