Business Management: Ethical Behavior And Social Responsibilities

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Ethical behavior/Social responsibility Ethics refer to standards set by an organization defining right or wrong and good or bad that should be observed by the staff at all times. The management at CSR Limited has worked hard to promote high ethical standards among its employees. The company’s charter commits every person in the organization to act responsibly and keep good relationships with the community they serve. CSR maintains documents procedures and policies that promote compliance with ethical requirements, legal and regulatory requirements, and professional standards to build responsible staff (CSR Limited 23).
On the other hand, CSR Limited is a company committed to sustainable practices in all its operations to build a strong foundation
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CSR Limited management uses the behavioral approach to management. The Behavioral approach (modern paradigm) promotes growth and development of the organization. The Behavioral approach provides an insight into personal, interpersonal, and group levels allowing the management to create incentives aimed at motivating employees to become more productive through analyzing personal needs and individual behaviors. CSR Limited applies three essential factors, corporate governance, organizational structure, and strategic leadership to manage corporate social responsibility and sustainable strategies. The utilization of the Contingency thinking theory helps the organization establish the most appropriate approach that fits demands the staff and stakeholders (both internal and external) based on the prevailing environmental situation (Schermerhorn 41). The Behaviural approach to management has made CSR Limited capable of managing its costs and budgets making more funds available for corporate social responsibility and sustainability …show more content…
HRM controls various activities related to employees in the organization. The CSR Limited corporate social responsibility programs run under the effective leadership of the HRM department that influences diversity and strategy. However, more needs to be done to ensure total commitment of CRS Limited staff in corporate activities while maintaining high productivity. Strategic roles of HRM include managing the organizational environment, developing strategies that fit in the environment and setting goals for employees. The HRM should impact human knowledge on employees by equipping them with skills and experiences that support the strategy. Moreover, HRM has the role of promoting diversity by identifying every employee and appreciating their presence. Organizations that value diversity do not record cases of discrimination. Moreover, diversity enables employees to work as a team towards implementing organizational strategies aimed at achieving company goals. CSR Limited HRM has effectively managed the company employees by engaging them in activities that increases the company’s loyalty to the

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