Leadership Qualities Essay

While there are many qualities that are desirable in the leader of a business team, the top qualities I would look for are leadership; motivation to excel; and creativity, self-reliance and adaptability. These qualities are powerful on their own, but combined they make for a strong leader.

Leadership would be the first and most important quality I would seek in the leader of a business team. The key factor that led me to choose leadership as a top characteristic for the leader is his team building ability. It is much more efficient to work in a team environment in which the team is responsible as a whole for the final result than to work in an environment in which each worker is in it for him or herself. It eliminates the boundaries that are typical in an individual, corporate environment. Instead of a co-worker saying, “I can’t do that,” or, “that’s not part of my job,” each team member pitches in and works towards a common goal. Team building is a critical component in working in a synergistic environment, which provides the most efficiency. Resources can be limited in an entrepreneurial startup, so making the most out of
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Nevertheless, they are applicable in either scenario. The leader I would like for the business team I am part of will be a leader. He will have the combination of the qualities described, resulting in a leader who can solve problems with unique ideas. He will be a visionary with an eye on the future and the motivation required to reach it. His motivation to excel is unparalleled, keeping him on track in producing the company’s desired results. His creativity, self-reliance, and adaptability set him up for success, as they allow him to adapt the changes in the environment, coming up with creative ways to deal with any issues

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