Essay On Difference Between Leadership And Management

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Differentiating Between Leadership and Management
In the business world, organizations require management to effectively communicate information. However, the communication of information is only beneficial when that information is communicated through an individual that is viewed as a leader or has leadership characteristics. A manager should be a leader but not all leaders are managers. The differences between leadership and management are apparent and must be taken into consideration. Leadership and management consists of different roles and functions but also have some similarities. Leadership can also be trait leadership or process leadership. Through the understanding of leadership and the implementation of leadership and management in an organization, businesses can better prepare for effective communication and productivity within the business.
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To many, leadership is viewed as one of the necessary skills of management and one role that managers are expected to play, however, many others differentiate between leadership and management (Yukl, 1989). The role of management is to guide, direct, and motivate employees, working towards a common goal for the benefit of the organization. Management also focuses on control, controlling budgets, salaries, inventories, and other areas of organizational control. Leadership is also used to guide, direct, and motivate but with less control. Leadership focuses more on motivation of productivity through maximizing effectiveness. Henri Fayol indicated that a manager is the person who brings things about; the one who accomplishes, has the responsibility, and conducts while a leader is the person who influences and guides direction, opinion, and course of action

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