Measure For Measure Title Analysis

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An Eye for an Eye
(A critique of Measure for Measure and how the title is significant) Titles often tell an important story before a book is even read. The titles attract readers and can set up the idea of the book in just a few lines. Clive Cussler’s Inca Gold, is about, or course, people searching for lost Incan gold. In the same way, titles can reveal a lot about movies and plays. In Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, the title tells a lot of different things. The title of Measure for Measure is significant because it contains irony and shows how skewed the world really is. The play Measure for Measure is filled with irony, as shown in the title. The play takes play in Vienna, Austria. “Vienna is beset with brothels and loose morality,
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Towards the end of the play, Angelo is tricked by Isabel. He thinks he is sleeping with her, but in reality he is sleeping with his fiancee, therefore committing the same crime as Claudio. Watchers and readers of this play find this comical because Angelo was set on punishing those who had sinned like Claudio. Angelo does not want to take responsibility for his actions and is a hypocrite. A scholar states, “Church courts had the power to investigate and punish sexual transgressions, including adultery and fathering or giving birth to a bastard,”(Mullan). The Duke sentences him to death, making his and Claudio’s punishments equal, and then pardons both of them. Both Claudio and Angelo’s names and reputations are ruined because of their deeds. Isabel’s reputation is even viewed through her brother’s. She states, “I am the sister of one Claudio, condemn'd upon the act of fornication,”(V, 1, 2464). Neither Claudio, Angelo, or Isabel will ever be looked at the same. How is it that a man’s quest to rid a city of sin, fills his heart with sin instead? Shakespeare is saying that only God knows divine justice and that man’s view of justice will always be skewed. All men are sinful, and therefore cannot condemn others for their actions. It would be …show more content…
This title reminds of an “eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,”(Gandhi). Angelo was trying to determine justc, but in turn was corrupt and made the city worse. He was hypocritical and punished people for the same sins he in turn had committed. Shakespeare wanted his audience to know this play would be ironic. This title plays with the audience’s minds and makes them wonder how this play will be comedic. Shakespeare beautifully crafted a story about prostitution and sin into a comedic-ironic piece of work that was loved by many. Shakespeare was telling his audience to not be hypocritical because everyone in life has messed up. Everything will come to light and measure

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