How To Read Literature Like A Professor By Thomas C. Foster

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20 September 2017 How to Read Literature Like a Professor: Analysis!
In the book ‘How to Read Literature Like a Professor’, Thomas C. Foster uses examples of literary devices such as theme, symbols, and irony to give us the tools we need to succeed in analyzing literature on a deeper level. He also incorporates the importance of theme throughout the entire book, by addressing it in almost every chapter. He includes the importance of symbols in literature and helps us establish a base for interpreting them in text. While doing this, he also stresses the literary significance of irony.
In his first chapter Foster starts the book off by discussing theme. in this chapter ‘Every Trip Is a Quest
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In the chapter ‘It’s More Than Rain or Snow’, he explains that authors use sunshine, rain, snow, sleet, wind, and other forms of weather in various ways to enhance the feelings in the story. For example, when an author discusses flooding in their writing they could be alluding to Noah’ ark, which may in turn evoke the fear of drowning that comes with raining. Another example could be when there is a funeral scene in a movie or book. It is often a dark, stormy, and rainy day, because most people associate rain with a gloomy mood. Weather is not the only symbol Foster talks about, he also talks about communion. When characters are having dinner together, this is meant to symbolize communion or the last supper. Sex is used as a symbol quite often. If two characters have sex there will always be a reason, sex always means something else. Other inanimate objects are also used to represent sex without it being pornographic. In the book Foster tells a story of a woman who is having an affair, the woman receives a bowl from the man with whom she is having the affair. The woman protects the bowl, she never lets her husband put his keys in the bowl. This is supposed to represent sex and her love, she will not allow the husband to place his keys in her

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