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Executive Summary: McDonald’s Corporation (Abridged)
McDonald’s development from its first drive-in restaurant in San Bernardino, California, to the famous fast food giant was based on the perfection of its operations - the recipe for its success and growth. Its operating system is characterized by focusing on uniformity for consistent quality, the formation of partner relationship with its franchises and supplier to improve operating system innovatively and last but not least the introduction of new products. With its steady drive for improvement and consistently high quality,
McDonald’s revolutionized the entire supply chain. Instead of regimenting its supplier and franchisees,
McDonald’s expected commitment from them in terms of
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It is considered as one of its breakthroughs since it made
McDonald’s all of a sudden to the second-largest chicken retailer in the food-service industry.
Despite its marvelous growth to the world’s number one quick-service franchise in the world, there was reasonable doubt whether McDonald’s can sustain its implemented strategy against demographic trends, dietary changes as well as upcoming specialist competitors, all of which complicated the market. At first,
McDonald’s relied on its traditional strengths by careful developing new specialized products (e.g. the 91% fat free burger), assisted by its suppliers and franchisees. However, it cannot be denied that the efforts of providing greater value on the one side and improving its product variety on the other caused fundamental tensions that needed to be balanced. Hence, speed of service became more important than ever before to satisfy its custom along with the need to extend its own image by being confronted by the meanwhile established reputations of competitors that were famous for their reasonable priced specialties or dinner opportunities. Realizing that dinner - full meals and more complete service - may be the final possibility for further growth,
McDonald’s mastered the given challenge with developing an entire dinner menu which came along with an event atmosphere as well as better service. Hence,

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