Mcdonaldization of Education Essay

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Despite the changing times, education remains a cornerstone for society . Technology advances, the economy fluctuates, and politics change, but education remains something seen as, not only important but imperative for personal and social growth. Yet, as important as it is touted to be, the quality and purpose of learning is often lost in the assembly-line, manufactured process of education that exists today. In a highly structured and economics-driven world, the educational system may be viewed as a machine designed to churn out future workers and employees. Like the fast-food industry, education has been standardized in an attempt to provide the comforts of efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control. In our aptly …show more content…
Online). The view of education as a commodity, rather than a means for intellectual, spiritual, or interpersonal growth, results in most educators and teachers offering students a fractionalized and fragmented view of the world. The relevance of topics discussed in the classroom are questionable. The material taught is simply that which the teacher views as relevant. There is no factual basis to determine whether what is being taught is important. Instead, educators should aim to provide a wealth of information to students and foster an environment in which creativity and curiosity are encouraged. In reality, however, students are force-fed information that may hold little interest or relevance to them and are barred from formulating their personal opinions about the world around them, a world of which they are a part, and a world of which they are expected to become members once formal education has ceased. Seeking to transform people into capital rather than free-thinking individuals, standardization in education deadens any natural desire for learning and creates resentment toward the education system. Research into the future of today's youth suggest that "young people in the West are negative and fearful about their futures, disenchanted and disempowered by their education, and have a sense that there is a spiritual vacuum in their

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