Mcdonaldization And Mcdonaldization

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How does culture influence sociological theory and study?
Sociological theory and study is influenced by culture because society would not exist without culture. Through culture, sociological studies and theories can be created, without a subject to study over, these theories would not exist. Culture consists of the important languages, beliefs, norms, values, material objects, and behaviors that generations pass on continually. Sociologist can study these items to learn more about a culture, and then are able to make predictions and theories about that culture.
A sociologist must remember to keep an open mind when studying society, for the culture and background of the individual could affect the ideas and opinions, causing them to be biased. The culture of a certain area is like the glue to society, it hold it together, without culture, society would fall apart. When studying society, cultures have to be recognized, in order to determine if the behavior, values, etc, are just localized or are global. What the culture really is has to be distinguished from what it is expected to be.

3. How might individualism lead to
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“McDonaldization occurs when a culture possesses the characteristics of a fast-food restaurant.” ( p.1). Basically mcdonaldization is when a culture begins to grow exponentially like a fast food restaurant might. McDonaldization is highlighted in 4 major areas: Calculability, which says that the goal should be quantifiable rather than subjective; Efficiency, which is the fastest way to accomplish a task; Technology, where a business can gain more control by utilizing today’s technology and eliminating human error; and Predictability, which means that task are highly repetitive and the same

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