Mcdonald 's Fast Food Chain Essay

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It seems today that the convenience of the drive-thru sways individuals when deciding whether their food is healthy enough to eat. As times are changing and more Americans are concerned about their weight restaurants such as McDonalds’s believe that are helping in the fight against obesity by adding the calorie amounts to their menu. Many people enjoy the convenience of fast food restaurants, although just a few years back they had very little information about what was in the food they were eating. In the 1970 McDonald’s commercial, Ronald McDonald tells people they should eat McDonald’s cheeseburgers because it will make them smile. (McDonald’s Commercial) There is nothing mentioned in the commercial about the healthiness of the food. As obesity rose in America customers started to wonder what was in their food.
In 2012 The large fast food chain, McDonald’s started including calorie counts on their menu. McDonald’s expanding their menu to include options under 400 calories and listing the calories on their normal menu allows individuals make choices on their calorie intake. Today the obsession with calorie counting in America can be found all over. The calorie counts on menus, cellphone apps, calories counting books, commercial for calorie burning supplements etc. Although the emphasizes is too make American’s think about their food choices to make them healthier. In order to make healthy choices without the dwelling on the calorie count the menu should include other…

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