Mccarthyism : The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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In 1692 Salem Massachusetts, a group of girls went dancing in the forest. While dancing they get caught by their minister, reverend Parris. During 1692, the Puritans did not believe in dancing being a good thing or running to be a normal occurrence. They see these actions to be considered witch craft or of the devil. This witch hunt was written by Arthur Miller in 1953. Arthur Miller used “The Crucible” to show how McCarthyism occurring in the United States at the time, causing great fear and hysteria, was similar to the Salem Witch trials. Though, even the witch hunt in 1952 has not been much different compared to today’s witch hunts.
Witch hunts have been occurring for several years. After 911 people who seemed to be of the same ethnicity as Bin Laden were victims of a witch hunt. Unable to get on planes, stared at due to the stereotypes. Some people battle with great sicknesses and cannot help themselves, but for many people today the battle of trying to except the fact that everyone isn’t the same is a hard battle to fight. Victims of AIDS have also been victims of a witch hunt. Anything that seems as though you could potentially have AIDs, for example being a homosexual male, can lead to many stereotypes. This is only because people believe in what they want based off what they know.
A modern example of a witch hunt is the racial profiling caused by the Ebola virus outbreak. The Ebola is named after the Ebola River, which is where the virus was first located in 1976.…

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