The Crucible And The Salem Witch Trials Analysis

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The Salem Witch Trials began in 1692; The infamous Russo-American Cold War officially began in 1947. These two dates are over 250 years apart, so how could these two events consist of so many relating factors? The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, tells a fictional story based in Salem Village and the infamous Salem Witch Trials. The book focuses on how the events began and on the slow and the atrocious mental decline of the overly religious townspeople of Salem. Guilty by Suspicion, Directed by Irwin Winkler and starring Robert De Niro, tells the story of Hollywood director David Merrill and how America’s Communist fears destroyed his family, his career in the film industry and those of countless others due to their accused inclusion in the Communist party and their refusal to accompany the mass hysteria of the American people fresh out of the Cold War against the Russian army. There were characters, in each of these stories, whose lives were nearly conjoined; …show more content…
The Crucible and Guilty by Suspicion, both focused on the idea of a “witch hunt” of sorts. The two stories, both took place in a war-filled, frightened America, this link between the two stories better explains how the two characters’ connections weren 't in the slightest Improbable tie. Both of the societies that these men resided in were excessively fearful of what they were yet to understand. Each of the characters were dragged into a propaganda fueled courtroom in which they defended what they knew was the right thing. This, downfall, could easily recur in today’s America. Such a thing is happening right now, under the noses of most American people. The American people are blaming far too many violent crimes on various terrorist groups. This is only fueling what those groups are attempting to accomplish; worldwide notability and the outreach of

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