The Crucible: The Horrific Salem Witch Trials

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Double, double toil and trouble! Although witches may be considered a fictional character in many children’s books and movies, people in the late 1690’s actually believed that others in their communities were practicing witchcraft. Taking place in Salem, Massachusetts, the horrific Salem Witch Trials caused many people to be wrongfully tried, hung, or even crushed to death and many more to be tried today in countries such as Europe, India, and Africa. Salem was a very religious Puritan community. According to Rebecca Beatrice Brooks, “In Massachusetts during the 17th century, people often feared that the Devil was constantly trying to find ways to infiltrate and destroy Christians and their communities” (Brooks). Just like any young kid, …show more content…
The reason for this was that the use of spectral evidence was declared irrelevant and unusable. Spectral evidence was the easiest and most used way for the accused to fake. Other evidence included confessions of the accused, possessions of the accused , and a “witch’s teat,” such as a mole or wart present on the accused body. “Nearly fifty people confessed to witchcraft, most to save themselves from immediate trial,” (Ray). The last eight people in the trials were hung on September 22. These would be the last hangings of the Salem Witch Trials.
In all the aftermath of the trials, 200 people were accused, 20 civilians died, and even two dogs would end up dying for being suspected of practicing witchcraft. After the last hangings, the remaining 52 prisoners were sent to new court and all were released the following May. Most people were pardoned, but it was never truly indicated if they were witches or not.
Believe it or not, events like the Salem Witch Trials have have happened more than one time. Women and men in Africa and Europe are have been punished for the belief that they are witches. Moreover, the belief that witches are real isn’t just in Europe and Africa. Over 95% of people on the Ivory Coast still believe in witches as
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Some of these countries included Germany, France, Switzerland, and Belgium (Lambert). Many people in Europe at the time were frightened of magic because they were unaware of what it could do. Furthermore, the many of the accused would be tortured until they would confess to being a witch. Many countries would burn witches, however, England would only hang the witches. The trials in Europe began to decline near the end of the 17th century due to the fact that people believed they were killing innocent people. Much like the Salem Witch Trials, the witch hunts also lacked spectral evidence which caused the authorities to end the trials once and for all in

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