Essay On The Salem Witch Trial

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The Salem Witch Trial
In 1629, Salem was settled as a Massachusetts Bay Colony (Dunn 4). Little did anybody know that in about 50 years, this land would turn into one of the most remembered and haunted places in the world. In Salem, in the years between 1692 and 1693, over 150 people were accused of witchcraft, and 20 people were executed because of this accusation (“First Salem Witch Hanging”). This report will explain exactly how these executions happened and some of the dark conspiracies that tag along with it.
What Took Place during the Salem Witch Trials?
It all started in the year of 1692 when Elizabeth “Betty” Parris became ill with a fever (Dunn 4 & 10). Her symptoms included not only a fever, but seizures, convulsions, hiding under furniture, feeling frozen, having pinching sensations throughout her body, making odd sounds, and much more (Dunn 10 & 14;“The Haunting of the Salem Witch Trials”). Betty went as far to say that an invisible being was biting and pinching her; another girl said this as well (Dunn 14; “The Haunting of the Salem Witch Trials”). Nobody knew why Betty was sick, some assumed it might have been food poisoning (Dunn 11). When three of Betty’s playmates, 11-year-old Ann Putnam, 17-year-old Mercy Lewis, and Betty’s cousin, 11-year-old Abigail Williams, became sick with the same symptoms, the town doctor was called
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Many people visit sites in Salem, Massachusetts where specific events took place, and where certain people lived during that time, locations like Jonathan Corwin’s house, Reverend Parris's house, and the Salem Witch Trials memorial as well (“The Haunting of the Salem Witch Trials”). Throughout this report, you have learned about the executions and some of the dark conspiracies that took place and that tag along with this event. The Salem Witch Trials is an event that will never be forgotten and will always be remembered for its ludicrous happenings and weird

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