Mccarthyism And The Fear Of Islamic Terrorism Today Essay

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One year after the start of the 21st century, tragedy struck American soil. On September 11, 2001, a group of radical Islams hijacked four planes and crashed two of them into the Twin Towers. The third plane crashed into the Pentagon, and the fourth luckily crashed into an open field before it could hit the White House. It was considered the largest terrorist attack in history. The horrendous attacks that took place on that day affected every human being in the United States. Ever since then, Americans have been fearful of additional attacks of terror taking place on their homeland.
Unfortunately, this is not the only incident in history that frightened citizens of the United States. In the 1900s, McCarthyism caught the attention of many and spread like a wildfire. It brought upon the fear of communism in the United States. In a way, McCarthyism is still alive today. There are many similarities that relate McCarthyism and the fear of Islamic Terrorism today. During the Cold War, panic arose concerning communism in the United States. Joseph McCarthy, a senator from Minnesota, became known for his widespread accusations of communists throughout the country. Many of these accusations were made towards people working in the government or those with a high public status. They were said to have been spies from the Soviet Union that were working for the United State’s government agencies. This put people in fear of what was going on…

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