Mccandless Character Analysis

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McCandless is a different character that one does not come across very often. He is very admirable in the sense that he had one dream and he chased it. Most of us have a dream that we would love to achieve but realistically we will never achieve it. In McCandless situation, he made it so that his dream was the only thing worth living for. That's why I do not think its a shame that he died because he accomplished that dream of his and there was nothing for him left worth living for. He did make mistakes that lead to his premature death like not being prepared with proper clothing, not having a map, and that he did not have back up plan but he knew the risks he was taking and still went through with it. McCandless left his family and life problems for the life he wanted to live and yes it was unfair for family that he just left and found dead but in reality we all end up …show more content…
My opinion of McCandless is that he is very admirable even though he made silly mistakes and was unfair to his family but all of that does not matter when he chased a dream that meant the world to him and

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