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*Cardiology-grade stethoscope

**2 vials of aromatic substance

*Pocket sphygmomanometer

**Cotton balls

*Non-pocket otoscope & ophthalmoscope

**Tongue depressors x 5
**1 penny and 1 paperclip
**Instrument for sharp/ dull (more tongue depressors)

**Tuning forks: 128 Hz and 512 Hz


**Triangular reflex hammer
**Centimeter ruler

*please read below before purchasing

**Pocket Snellen eye chart

**PA class sells packets that contains all these


Get at least a cardiology-grade stethoscope: has a diaphragm, bell, and dual lumen. Plan to spend at least $140. Examples:
1. Littman: Cardiology III: pediatric side can be a bell or can adjust pressure on
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The bulb and valve are integrated into the gauge for one-hand convenience.

Palm sphygs are easier to use, but we use pocket sphygs in the “real world.”


Prices vary according to the type of battery handle you choose and the type of scope heads. 

All items are traditionally bundled together in a basic kit with a case that includes the handle, an otoscope head (to look in ears) and an ophthalmoscope head (to look in eyes.)

Less expensive if bundled in a kit ~$428- $705, or else sold separately.

If you purchase from Heine or Welch Allyn via UNTHSC, they will provide a broad warranty— READ CAREFULLY.

** We have had 2 years of trouble with bulbs from Welch Allyn– caused nondimming. They remedied the problem immediately. CHARGE and TEST YOUR

DO NOT buy the cheap portable/ mini kits- you can’t see with them– and we don’t allow them. If you can’t see, you can’t learn. The ONLY pocket/ mini kits we allow are those sold by Heine ~ $430. BUT Heine pocket kit ophthalmoscope lights are very bright and cannot be dimmed, which may limit a good funduscopic (eye) exam.

Use caution when buying used from someone or buying online: www., Amazon, Craig’s list, ebay, UNT treasure chest: It’s not always clear what you’re getting and no manufacturer’s warranty on this expensive item is

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