Maxis Berhad Case

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1 PART 1- Project objectives and overall research approach
I have chosen topic 8 on the analysis and evaluation of the business and financial performance of Maxis Berhad over a three year period. Digi Berhad was chosen for the comparative analysis of both business and financial performance against Maxis Berhad. The competitor was chosen on the grounds of it having the same principal activities and is of the similar size as the chosen company. Moreover, both the companies have the same financial accounting year end which makes comparison of data more comparable and reliable. Maxis Berhad is an investment holding company which provides mobile telecommunication services through its subsidiaries in Malaysia and is held by Binariang GSM Sdn Bhd
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The company will have to make the right strategic decisions to remain their competitiveness in their industry as competitors are always trying to downthrow each other. Hence, it is always intriguing to see how a mobile telecommunication company remains their competitive edge in their own industry. It is also because the mobile telecommunication industry is closely related to us as mobile phones and the internet are becoming relatively important in our daily lives.

1.2.2 Industry and business structure of Maxis Berhad
Maxis Berhad was chosen because it fulfils the requirement of the topic for being in the mobile telecommunications industry. It was also chosen because it has a comparable competitor. It has a competitor which is of similar size and has the same financial accounting year end. Both the company and the competitor that are chosen has the principal activities of investment holding with its subsidiaries offering telecommunications and related services. 1.3 Project objectives and research questions
1.3.1 Project
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The project objectives were goals that I want to achieve at the end of and it was derived specifically from topic 8 that was chosen. The research questions were based on the objectives set. I have only used secondary sources of data for this research which was obtained mainly from the Internet. I have also applied Porter’s 5 forces model onto Maxis Berhad and made an analysis on it using applicable financial ratios. In the end of this research, I have made some recommendations that are specific and measurable to Maxis Berhad with hope that it would improve its business

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