Essay on Math Problem, Or Art Lesson?

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Does it seem more likely to you that everyone should always need the same book, math problem, or art lesson? Or are students likely to show up at different points of readiness for reading and math and drawing? Why?
Students are more likely to show up at different points of readiness for reading, math, and drawing. All students learn at different levels and not one student learns at the same pace as the other students. If there is only one textbook for the curriculum per student then everyone gets the same learning instruction. However, we as teachers should make sure we know how every student learns new information and teach to that. If students have to look at the same textbook as all the other students then the teacher needs to make sure that students who need the extra help gets it. If there is a chance to get different textbooks for certain students then do it because that will really help each student grow in the classroom.
Do you learn more about students by talking to them or talking with them? Why?
I feel as though I learn more about my students by talking with them. At the end of class time, the students are all lined up ready to leave and I walk up and down the line asking students how they are doing and engage in conversations. There is so much information I learn about my students by doing that. This helps me teach my students better because I can make the lessons more interesting and focus the lessons more on my students. Another way I learn more about…

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