Math Anxiety And Math Motivation Essay

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A group of nine researchers from various universities across the United States worked together to create a study that tested the effects of math anxiety and math motivation on the level of math learning that an individual is capable of. The main discovery of their research showed that young adolescent twins and adult college students showed inverted U-relations between math anxiety and math performance when subjects had high intrinsic math motivation (Wang et al. 2015). There were negative associations between math anxiety and math performance when they had low intrinsic math motivation (Wang et al. 2015). To guide their research, the experimenters followed two different aims involving the variables of math anxiety and math motivation. The first aim was to determine whether or not math performance varies based on math anxiety in a population of normal achieving students (Wang et al. 2015). Researchers were already aware that moderate levels of math anxiety facilitate a higher math performance in adults and in children with higher math capabilities (Evans, 2000; Tsui & Mazzocco, 2006). However, researchers in this study wanted to find out how much of an impact math anxiety had on math performance, especially on the extreme ends of the anxiety spectrum. Along with their previous knowledge of math anxiety, the researchers also knew that math motivation plays a role in math performance. Their second aim was to determine if the relationship math anxiety and math performance…

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