Math Angel Case Study

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Academic/Classroom -12/16

Angel is a kind and friendly fifth grade student who is continuing to build upon his effort to make progress in school. Angel takes a lot of pride in the accomplishments that he makes and works well for positive feedback. He has the tendency to get discouraged when he is confused, but tries very hard when the effort he puts in is being acknowledged. Although he is often afraid to make mistakes, Angel enjoys participating in class and will occasionally encourage his classmates to participate by giving them compliments and praise. Angel has also continued to make improvements with his behavior. He will occasionally whine when he doesn’t get his way, but has not had any meltdowns this year like he has had in the past.
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He is able to follow basic routines in the classroom and knows the essential expectations and procedures that are required in each setting throughout the school day. Additionally, Angel knows what materials are needed and when to use them appropriately throughout each academic subject.
Nathan Ramp
Special Education Teacher

Adverse Effects
Angel 's ability to master regular classroom academic objectives is delayed. He requires small group or one-on-one instruction and repetition to learn and retain skills. In order to complete basic tasks, he needs concrete step-by-step instructions. In order to have academic success in the classroom, Angel requires modifications and adaptations to the curriculum and materials in all subjects. His reading, writing and mathematical abilities are currently below those of general education fifth grade students. In reading, Angel demonstrates struggles with fluency and comprehension. In Math he shows the most difficulty with number sense, reasoning, problem solving and computation. Additionally, Angel displays struggles to complete writing assignment across all academic areas. Assignments that are completed lack correct grammar, punctuation, meaningful sentences and coherent sentence transitions. He struggles to form cohesive paragraphs

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