Material And Cross Section Geometry Essays

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Office Spaces is updating their office chairs and have decided to alter the material and cross section of the arm supports. They have requested our assistance in evaluating several materials through experiments and simulations. The purpose of this experiment is to test these various materials and to recommend a material choice and cross section geometry that will minimize deflection of the arm supports. The following sections of this memorandum will detail several facets of the experiment. Section 2 will present the results of the experiment in an objective manner and detail any observations recorded. Section 3 will discuss the importance of the results and section 4 will summarize the results of the experiment and conclude the memorandum.

Results and Description
Several observations were noted during the course of the experiment. It was noted that although the dial indicator measured a deflection in each beam when weights were added, there was no visible change in the beams (No stress or strain was observed). It was also noted that the weight holder would shift positions or rotate when weights were added.

The dimensions for each of the four beams tested were recorded in Table 1. “b1” represents the base, which is the width of the beam. “h1” is the height of the beam. These were found by measuring the outermost cross section of each beam. “h2” and “b2” only apply to the fourth beam, the aluminum box, and were found by measuring the dimensions of the inner cross section.…

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