Ergonomic Office Equipment Can Cause Stress All Over The Human Body

Ergonomic Office Equipment

Sitting behind a desk for long periods of time can cause stress all over the human body. A 2006 study in The American 9,279 emergency room visits for computer related injuries. A number that is up from 1,267 just twelve years earlier. (Bakalar) Other statistics show some very dramatic numbers. The average adult now spends 50-70% of the day sitting at work. 35.7% of all adults in the United States are obese. Musculoskeletal disorders account for about one-third of all injury and illness costs of U.S. businesses. (Middlesworth)
Some ailments and conditions that can occur are; Back Pain, neck pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, poor circulation, Musculoskeletal Problems, numbness in arms, vision problems, repetitive stress injuries, headaches, and even obesity. Fortunately companies that make office equipment are creating new ergonomic models of classic office furniture. Ergonomics is defined as, “The applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace,
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Two that are not usually discussed are obesity, and stress disorders. There have been studies that show a links between excessive computer use and childhood obesity. (Rupavate) With technology becoming easily accessible and in some cases becoming necessary to function in a fast paced world, it can be difficult disconnect. Some workers are spending 7-8 hour days in front of a computer screen, only to go home and open up their laptop as soon as they step foot in their own houses. Simply put, people are spending less time moving and more time leading sedentary lives. When all of the fore mentioned problems are stacked on a single person, a much more serious issue arises. Stress levels rise and along with it come stress disorders. When the body is not healthy, the mind becomes more susceptible to stress related complications. Symptoms of these include loss of concentration, dizziness, and weariness.

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