Master Gland Essay

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Briefly identify and describe the hormones produced by "master gland" found in Figure 27.1 and the target organs in which they exert their effects (Figure 27.2).
The pituitary gland can be found in the sella turcica of the sphenoid bone. It contains two large allobes the adenohypophysis (also called the anterior pituitary known to create and secrete numerous tropic hormones) and the neurohypophysis (also known as the posterior). The infundibulum (the stalk) connects to the pituitary gland to the hypothalamus. Since the adenohypophysis regulates the activity of other endocrine glands it is recognized as being the master endocrine gland. However, the neurohypophysis is not recognized as being an endocrine gland since it cannot synthesize the
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To best understand thyroid disorders we must first learn the thyroid glands function. The parathyroid glands consist of four small glands amounting to the size of a rice grain (weighing an estimated abound of 30 milligrams and measuring anywhere between 3-4 millimeters in diameter), which can found in the area of the neck, this gland controls the body’s amount of calcium. The pancreas is considered to be two glands, which are mixed together making up one organ. The majority of the pancreas is composed of exocrine cells, which create enzymes to assist with digestion. Enzymes are released by these exocrine cells into larger tubes known as ducts eventually linking them together forming the main pancreatic duct. The endocrine is the next functional component of the pancreas. It is made up of small islands of cells known as islets of Langerhans. The anterior pituitary is the front part of the pituitary consisting of a small gland in the head and also known as the master gland. Hormones that are secreted by the anterior pituitary are influenced by factors such as sexual development, growth, thyroid function, adrenocortical function, and skin pigmentation. These factors can be exerted through the effects of the pituitary hormones on other endocrine glands. The posterior pituitary functions to store and secrete endocrine hormones such as oxytocin. However, oxytocin is known to be one of the few hormones to produce a positive feedback loop. The adrenals main function is to allow our body to overcome any stress it may encounter such as any trauma, disease, or the little things we tend to stress over. Whatever the problem that overwhelms the body, it is able to respond to the internal and external environments

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