Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment Of My Hypothyroidism

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My Hypothyroidism
At eleven years old I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and it has affected me in many ways. This is an ongoing disorder with no cure that my mom and myself deal with everyday. My mom was diagnosed at 36 years old after the birth of her second child and before she was pregnant with me. First, Hypothyroidism is the underactive thyroid disease (American Thyroid Association). In this paper I discuss my symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment plan and how it relates to others suffering with hypothyroidism. It is extremely important for people to be aware of the functions of the thyroid and the warning signs of a problem, so they can find treatment quickly. First, the thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland on front lower portion of
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With that said, there are no distinct symptoms that correlates to every person with hypothyroidism. Many people experience the feeling of being cold all the time, weight gain, constipation, lethargy, depression (American Thyroid Association). Others can experience muscles aches, pain in the joints, heavy or irregular menstrual periods, and dry skin hard time falling asleep slower heart rate. If one gets hypothyroidism as a child or as young adult their growth can be stunted. The most obvious sign of a thyroid problem is a goiter or enlarged thyroid. When left untreated for an extended period of time one’s thyroid will become inflamed and be coined a goiter (Mayo …show more content…
My doctor slowly increased my medication over those two years until it was stabilized. After two years, I only met with my doctor every six months and now I only meet with him once a year. Since the first two years, my doctor has only increased my medication furthermore only twice. This means my dosage is able to keep my thyroid functioning at a normal level. One thing I think that it is important to note is it takes a very long time for a goiter to go down. Up until two years ago my thyroid kept growing, however, two years ago it started to shrink and now it is almost unnoticeable unless I lift up my neck. My overall treatment is a daily dose of Synthroid, a synthetic thyroid hormone. I will have to take this medication every morning for the rest of my life and have my blood tested on annual basis to check that my levels are normal. The good thing about Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism being connected is that there is only one treatment, so my thyroid treatment sufficiently treats my Hashimoto’s

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