Mass Media Globalization And National Identity

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The mass media and state (and other powerful institutions) play a crucial role in the construction of national identity in a contemporary society through the cultural practices. Morley and Robins write that the construction and emergence of national identities can’t be understood without reference to the role of communication technologies. These technologies give people “a space of identification” (Morley & Robins, 1995, pp. 67-69) basically, with the rise of communication technologies, the mass media has broken through the physical barrier of time and space thus making audience’s sense of participation and national identity to be reinforced. The mass media has relied on the improved technological resources to attain far-reaching penetration and influence in society. Shaping national identity through mass media has become an inevitable choice for modern …show more content…
So if there are any changes globally, this will definitely affect how the mass media constructs national identity whether on an individual, national or international level thus media globalization in my opinion has and will continue to affect and influence national identity and nation-state significantly whether is to construct national identity or to maintain it. In his book, Understanding the Media, Eoin Devereux has clearly indicated that media globalization is characterized by convergence of old and new media technologies as well as media conglomerates being formed. (Devereux, 2003) it’s obvious that the media in any nation-state will be affected by media globalization through the construction of national identity. As media conglomerates emerge, so will international construction of global identities emerge as

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