Mass Media And Politics On Politics Essay

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Mass Media, "is a message consumed by a large number of individuals" (Powerpoint Week 1) While, politics, is known as "the authoritative allocation of society 's values. (Easton)" (Powerpoint week 1) or "the process of determining "who gets what, when, and how. (Lasswell)" (Powerpoint week 1) Years ago both, mass media and politics it appeared, to be more separate from each other. It seemed like the political side did not want to get involved with the media or was still trying to figure out what advantages it held to helping them in the long run. Now mass media and politics relationship has grown quiet close. The connection between the two is the fact that both, mass media and politics, work together to inform people about what is happening in the world today, since society is very global now then it was back several years ago. Now the media provides society with information on politics, elections, policy issues, global crises, and so much more. As Bennett puts is, mass media and politics are similar because they are "governing with news." (Bennett 11) Bennett 's statement was referring to how the news presented information obtained through political leaders. Political leaders always add their own twist to a story before it reaches the media and then once the media gets it they tend to believe what the politician states, right then and there without double checking it, and airs it for their viewers to see. As Marvin Kalb explains it, “...there isn 't a single major and…

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