Essay on Mascots Have Caused Much Controversy Dating

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Mascots have caused much controversy dating back to the 20th century. The mascot causing the most controversy is the Native American. Other mascots such as Arabians, Irish, and African Americans to name a few also have issues with being derogatory and racist. There are two sides to the story: the side who think it’s honoring the minority races in America while others thinks it’s racist and dishonoring. The controversy of mascots seems to be a never ending battle that could very easily be argued correctly on either side.
Mascots are a thing of the past and of the future, the same debate has been on going around for centuries. Is it politically correct to have schools and sports teams represented by different races? The argument from the point that thinks its ok is based off of tradition or by what some call honor. “It is argued that tradition should be kept” (Kelman 2). If it’s been like this for so many years then why change it? The fraction who thinks it’s honorable believe that it’s a way to pay the minority races back for all they have done for America. The other side thinks otherwise. They feel it’s a dishonor to have their heads plastered on shirts, flags, jerseys, and they don’t like being represented by someone of another race who knows nothing of their ancestors.
Native American mascots should be eliminated. At sporting events when the Native American mascot is on the court or field, he performs a dance to beating drums, slowly hopping from foot to foot and steadily…

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