Mary Shelley 's `` Never Let Me Go? Essay

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818) revolves around the story of a young scientist called Victor Frankenstein, who became obsessed with the idea of reviving life from the dead. Petrified by his creation, Frankenstein ran away from what he deemed a monster. Shelley’s Frankenstein was regarded as being “often identified as the first genuine work of science fiction” due to Frankenstein’s ability to manipulate modern experiments and methods to implement his own creations (Booker & Thomas 5). Over time, science fiction has gradually evolved into which is later presented in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go (2005). Ishiguro’s novel follows the story of a clone called Kathy. In the story, she reminisces the past and the relationship she has with two of her best friends, Tommy and Ruth. They were created in a dystopian society where their only purpose is to donate their organs and follow the rules and norms that were set. This novel significantly deals with the acceptance of life that Hailsham students shared without imposing any resistance. My main purpose is to argue that even though science fiction as a genre changes over time, it always delivers a same message: birth of unusual invention that has distorted the nature will be punished. It forces us to visualize the dark side of scientific creations that society has not experienced before and which we would hope to avoid. These visualizations allow readers to envision those scientific inventions when humans try to pursue unnatural…

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