Marxism And Marxism In The Movie The Matrix

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Register to read the introduction… Semiotics is concerned with everything that can be taken as a sign. A sign is everything, which can be taken as significantly substituting for something else. The Matrix incorporates a variety of signs and symbols.
The storyline of the Matrix is an allegory. Allegory is a form of extended metaphor, in which objects, persons, and actions in a narrative, are equated with the meanings that lie outside the narrative itself. The underlying meaning has moral, social, religious, or political significance, and characters are often personifications of abstract ideas as charity, greed, or envy. Thus an allegory is a story with two meanings, a literal meaning and a symbolic meaning. Neo is "The One". The Oracle has prophesied that "The One" would hail the destruction of the Matrix, end the war and bring freedom to the people. In short, he is the saviour of the human race. This can be compared to the story of Christ. He was the Saviour who had been prophesied about and would bring about the freedom of mankind. Neo is an icon as he represents the saviour.Christ was betrayed by one of his own disciples, Judas Iscariot. In the film, the role of the betrayer is represented by Cypher. Towards the end of the movie, Neo is killed and comes back to life. This represents the Death and the Resurrection of
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Sitting in a chair on the ship's main deck, a wire is plugged into the socket in the back of Neo's head. Instantly, he appears in a blank white expanse, his appearance back to normal. Morpheus is also there, and explains that they are in "the Construct", a virtual reality environment used for training. He explains that humanity is fighting a war against intelligent machines created early in the 21st century. After being denied their primary power source, the Sun, by the human race, the machines responded by enslaving human beings and using them as their source for energy, growing countless people in immense fields of pods identical to the one in which Neo awoke. It turns out that the world which Neo has inhabited since birth, the Matrix, is an illusory simulated reality construct of the world of 1999, developed by the machines to keep the human population docile whilst they are connected to generators and their energy is harvested. Morpheus and Trinity are part of a group of free humans who "unplug" humans from the Matrix and recruit them to their resistance against the

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