Marty Liquori & Friends Concert Report Essay

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Marty Liquori & Friends Concert Report
On Tuesday, the nine of June two thousand fifteen, a concert was held in Ballyhoo Grill, where Marty Liquori performed several jazz songs with his friend Vic Donnell. They performed a variety of songs from blues, jazz roll, to bebop etc. Marty Liquori was the guitarist and his friend Vic Donnell the Keyboardist. Then the concert took a musical break and later they were joined by vocalist Patti Markoch where she sung a few songs while they played. Every songs will be listed below, including style with a brief description.
The first song that they performed was “Alice in Wonderland,” it was executed in a jazz roll style, 4 bars blues. One can hear the sound of cymbals with a little bass drum every now and then which gives the song a rock and roll feeling to it; it was an electronic sound coming out of the keyboard. It wasn’t too overwhelming because the guitar and keyboard sound accompanying it gave it that mellow feel that is usually found in jazz. So the each sounds were balanced to give it that jazz roll. You could enjoy that beautiful jazz sound with the sound of the cymbals/drums that would make you get up to your feet and dance your way in an adventure.
Next up was “Just Friends,” by George Sheery. There was a certain call and response between the instruments if I may say so, where both instrument repeat the same sound back and forth. Throughout this song you mostly hear cymbals in the background and a little bit of solo by each…

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