Marriage Is The Issue Of Whether Millennials Are Making The Right Decision Of Marrying After World War II

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Marriage in Millennials Plummeting The issue of whether Millennials are making the right decision in marrying later or even at all, has been widely debated nationally. The concept of marriage is an important and unresolved issue, as it does concern the future of the current generation, Millennials. Older generations, such as The Baby Boomers have opposing ideals about the young generation. They feel as though Millennials are only destroying everything that was created when they were young adults themselves. Millennials seem to have less of a notion of being married compared to older generations. For this reason, baby boomers—those born after World War II, see the current generation as immature and irresponsible for choosing to marry later or not marrying at all. This current generation looks at more than just being married to someone for the rest of their lives. They also consider the economic standpoint, living arrangements and have different outlooks on adulthood in comparison to other generations. Millennials’ concept of marriage is different from that of other generations. This generation is making the right decision in marrying in their late 20s or not marrying at all.
The decision millennials have made to avoid or wait for marriage is a wise one. Reasons for this choice are based upon the facts that this generation is not financially stable enough to be in a committed relationship. Secondly, in most occasions, Millennials are not too sure they have found their…

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