Essay on Marriage Is Not Like What You Read?

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In life, sometimes God answers our prayers at an unexpected time. It can happen when you’re facing a storm in your life. It might not be at the right time for us, but God sees it differently.
Paul and I are married for 10 years now. As we all know, marriage is not like what you read in fairy tale books. It can be compared to a roller coaster ride. In marriage, we fix the broken things instead of throwing it away. We may not have everything but we strive to be able to provide for the family – my husband specifically.
When our second child turned 3 years old, July of 2012, we talked about trying for a third child. Having two girls already, I started yearning for a son. Besides, combined both our income, I would say, we can handle one more addition. It might sound strange, but my goal is to have the baby before I turned 30!
But weeks, months, then one year had passed and still no luck! Then I turned 29! God’s plan might not include a third child. Maybe two girls are enough. Maybe, instead of putting too much effort into it, God might just have wanted me to focus on my girls – well, yes, and my husband of course. Nevertheless, my heart didn’t want to give up! Then, something terrible happened!
In November of 2013, my husband came home from work with an extreme knee injury. Situations starting to changed. Taking care of my husband and my two kids became my focus. Considering that he is the main provider in the family, the impact was too much for him. That was when…

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