Marriage Is A Symbol Of Love And Dedication Essay

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Marriage, marriage is what brings people together every day. Today, it is a symbol of love and dedication. However, society used to feel that if a couple got married at a young age, the girl was probably pregnant. When couples get married, they have to think about the affordability of getting married, the bride and groom’s maturity level, and if the love they share is true. This is why most people wait until they are older and more mature to get married. Some couples even wait until they are successful at their jobs and are stable in life. I believe that it is more suitable to wait until couples are older to get married. When couples are young, who knows what they want, they have not lived long enough to know what love is.
When young couples, like those of high school sweethearts, get married right out of high school, they cannot pay for the wedding. Then who pays for it? Their parents—or the U.S. government—pay for the wedding, and the married couple will most likely be forever indebted to their parents or, in some cases, the government. So, for young couples, marriage is not affordable. The couples’ inability to afford their own marriage shows a lack of maturity. Marriage should mean that one claims no dependence to either parent any longer. Married couples should only depend on each other, no one else. Young couples are not seasoned enough in their lives to understand that they need to be independent and stable in their lives. Now, sometimes it works out. My parents were…

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