Love In Pride And Prejudice Marriage Essay

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Pride and Prejudice Marriage is a binding commitment, which must be entered into with wisdom to reach true happiness. Real abundance comes from choosing a partner carefully and learning each other's character. By contrasting different couples in Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen criticizes marriages based on infatuation, convenience of money, and emphasizes that marriages can only be successful if they are found on mutual love.
Jane Austen criticizes marriages based on the convenience of money through the characters, Lydia Bennet and George Wickham's marriage; their marriage lacks financial stability. During the novel, Austen portrays Lydia as a young and ‘boy-crazy’ girl, who is obsessed with men in uniform that ¨had wanted only encouragement
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In the beginning of the novel, Elizabeth meets Darcy, a wealthy, proud man that slights her during their introduction at a dance. Her first impression of Darcy leads Elizabeth to form a negative opinion on him. Her dislike for Darcy, which seems mutual, progresses as Elizabeth meets Wickham, who adds to the prejudice she has against him. Darcy, under the influence of Elizabeth's criticism, sincerely re-evaluates his own actions and general behaviour towards others, which causes Elizabeth to realize that Darcy ¨was exactly the man who… would most suit her. His understanding and temper.. would have answered all her wishes¨ This implies that Elizabeth begins to recognize her own prejudices and her errors in judgement that leads her into misjudging Darcy's disposition. This also suggests that unlike most females her age; Elizabeth looks for amiable qualities in Darcy´s character that would make them a suitable match. After Elizabeth found out what Darcy did to forward Lydia's marriage, her ¨heart did whisper, that he had done it for her¨ This suggests that even after she rejected his proposal, his true feeling for her did not waver. Some weeks later when Darcy and Elizabeth walk together, he renews his proposal, ¨ My affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject forever¨ This suggests that Darcy overcomes his pride and asks Elizabeth for her hand a second time which implies that he is truly in love with Elizabeth even after all the ill-speech she had previously directed towards him. Near the end of the novel, Elizabeth explains her attachment with Darcy to Jane, she says ¨ Perhaps I did not always love him as well as I do now¨ This portrays how Elizabeth is admitting to her true feelings for Darcy, only after getting to know his true nature; her hatred for him develops into love. Elizabeth regrets judging Darcy's character, and

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