Marriage Equality Is A Pursuit Of Happiness Essay

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Marriage Equality is A Pursuit of Happiness It started with a call in the office. The caller told them that their partner was in the hospital in a grave condition. Anxiety whelmed and the worried partner left their home to see the other. When he arrived at the hospital several nurses asked who he was and what relationship he had with the endangered partner. Letting the nurses know who he was and his relationship to the patient the nurses frowned, and told him that he could visit at another time, but could not help his partner since they were not legally recognized as a married couple and were not relatives. He looked desperately at the nurses asking if there was anything he could do to help his partner, but they shook their heads and suggested for him to call his partner’s family to help. The poor man started to get worried since he know that no one in his partners family would willingly help them. There are many people out there who experience a similar situation where they are not given the right to help their partner because they are not legally get married and cannot use the benefits that come with marriage- even in a civil union. A couple cannot have any legal say in what their partner wants to do in a grave situation like pulling the plug, or offer any coverage with insurance simply because a couple are of the same sex. If being able to receive benefits and help a partner means having to be legally married then this means that everyone should be able to marry no…

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